Newcomb’s World    takes several precautions to ensure that the personal information you provide when placing an order or registering on our site is safe and secure.

  • We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology, the standard for encrypted commercial transactions throughout the Internet, on pages like the checkout process where you need to enter personally identifiable information to secure the transmission and prevent interception as that information passes through the Internet.
  • We follow the PCI Data Security Standard to ensure our technology, security management, practices and procedures are optimized to protect our customers' information.
  • Our servers are maintained in a SSAE16 Type II certified data center that is 100% PCI Compliant.
  • We use intrusion prevention / detection technology and vulnerability scans to maintain the security of our site.

When browsing our site, you can tell a page uses encryption security by looking in the address bar of your browser window. If the name of the page starts with "https://" instead of the usual "http://," you are visiting a secure page.

Some web browsers, like Microsoft's Internet Explorer®, Firefox and Google's® Chrome, use additional methods to indicate you are on a secure page. This methods include:

  • Displaying padlock-like icons near the address bar of your browser window
  • Changing the color of the address bar background, e.g. to green
  • Adding the name of the certificate owner in the address bar in front of the "https://"